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Ashley and Alec: Carefree Summer Wedding

I met Ashley and Alec at a wedding expo and I knew right then that they were an unbelievably sweet and fun loving couple. We later met for a consultation and Ashley brought the biggest wedding planner binder I have ever seen; at least two inches thick! We talked about everything-wedding colors, important moments they wanted photographed, and more importantly, I grew more and more sure that this was a couple I would want to have the honor of photographing. The entire day of the wedding was full of fun and excitement. Ashley could not stop smiling! It was obvious that this was the first day of a very fun life together for Ashley and Alec! After the ceremony we wondered around the tiny downtown. Photographing in front of the old movie theater, ad happening upon an antique car show! It all went perfectly with their Disney themed reception. A perfectly fun and adorable wedding for a fun and adorable couple.

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