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Danielle & Nick: Wisconsin Engagement

Danielle and I have been friends for a very long time-she has had her hand in many of my photo shoots in undergrad, helping me get access to the costume shop, doing hair and makeup, and even modeling! Even today, several years later and hours apart, she still supports my photography; offering words of encouragement and sharing her dismay that we now live too far apart for her to participate in my latest project. So when I heard that she was finally engaged, I was so excited to do these photos! It was a 4 hour drive to get to Kenosha, but I was so happy to meet Nick and to photograph this session that I really didn't mind. The park they chose was truly beautiful, and we had so much fun catching up, hanging out, and even more fun playing football (in Wisconsin EVERYONE does football. Go pack go!). It was so wonderful to see my old friend happy and smiling. I'm so happy that they chose me to photograph their engagement, these are the kinds of moments that I love to capture.

"Lexie does nothing but great work! She took my engagement photos and it was nothing but good experiences. She is very professional and fun to work with. I will definitely conduct business with her again!" -Nick

"I have worked with Lexie for several years now and she is by far the best photographer I've worked with. She has the amazing ability to make you feel so comfortable, sometimes so much so that it felt like we were in my living room or something! She is a phenomenal photographer and a wonderful person on top of it! I can only hope that I get more opportunities to work with her!" -Danielle

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