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Cat & Tony: Punk Wedding

This wedding was, undoubtedly, the coolest and most unique wedding I have ever photographed. And knowing Tony and Cat, I expected no less. It all started with the invitation. A woodblock print of a photograph I took at their surprise engagement shoot (not only was it a surprise for Cat, but a surprise for ME too!) As soon as I saw it, I knew the kind of wedding I was in store for. A perfect wedding for Tony and Cat. The wedding and reception was held at the grooms parents home, a beautiful house right on the lake. It was very obvious to me how happy and excited the whole family was for this joyous occasion. And with a red leopard dress, a red plaid suit and sun flowers everywhere, it was hard not to smile! It was a gorgeous and intimate wedding for two of my favorite people. There were so many unique elements to capture, and so many beautiful moments. This wedding was definitely one I'll never forget. "Fantastic. She covered every base. Things we didn't even know we wanted were documented. Nothing but professional even when everyone got a little rowdy. She went above and beyond, we will never ask anyone else to do photos for anything." -Cat

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