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The Great Divide

In Progress


Millennials grew up in a time of optimism and opportunity.  As children, they were told they could do anything they wanted, be anything they wanted, all they had to do was go to good schools and work hard.  In search of the American Millennial Dream, Millennials eagerly took on tens of thousands of dollars worth of loans to earn degrees with the promise of a better and brighter future.  However, this was not the future they found.


The Great Divide examines the question many Millennials face: “The future you were promised isn’t here, what now?” Coming of age in the middle of the greatest economic downturn since The Great Depression has been difficult.  Combined with the seemingly constant stream of violence, America’s current political state, and the continuous questions and blame placed on Millennials for “ruining” the economy, Millennials face the world with dual viewpoints: a hopeless, nihilistic trudge, and the determination to make the world a better place.  


Photographing Millennials in their daily life, this project examines the internal context of this generation.  What is the life they have created for themselves in this time of uncertainty and yearning? From praying for health insurance to saving for a family and a home, what does it mean to reach for maturity in this time where many Millennials feel the typical life of “adulthood” is out of reach?

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